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Phoenix, Arizona 85020

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This is my story. Out of necessity, I have come to realize the importance of our local food banks and pantries. There is much benefit gained to someone in need through their services. I would like to personally thank the Arizona Kosher Pantry (AKP) for the opportunity that they have given me to volunteer as well as to receive their help and support through challenging times. 

Recently while I was at the AKP, Yecheskel Friedman (the Director of Ezras Cholim) received an abundance of fruits and vegetables as pictured below. This happened as a direct result of his goodwill in the community and contributed to our ongoing program with the EPA (Food Recovery: Two of our amazing workers, Billy and Ron, faithfully stepped up to the plate again with the manpower needed to make things work smoothly in receiving this large shipment of fruits and vegetables. This food has helped many to put nutritious food on their tables, including me. From what I was able to glean that day, my dinner menu that night included: halibut, rice, garlic, onions, carrots, and mangos. (Yes, mangos!) 

Ezras Cholim promotes working with your local butcher and meat purveyors but when someone may have a special need, the AKP offers a variety of meats and fish with prices geared toward helping to meet those needs. For more information, feel free to contact Julia, Mary, or Alex at 602-492-4989.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope this information has been a help as I would encourage anyone who may be struggling financially or is facing a personal or family illness to pay a visit to all of our food partners like St. Mary’s Food Bank.