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We are believers, sons of believers. We witnessed countless miracles including the 10 plagues but the source of our belief, emuna, comes from elsewhere. Right now, the entire world is experiencing something miraculous [a Worldwide plague], a pandemic spreading across the globe causing sickness, death, isolation, fear, desperation, and depression. In Egypt, we experienced extremely harsh conditions with pretty much the same concerns. How did they transcend national human behavior and leave, and have the will and have the ability to overcome these challenges? What can we learn from their experiences and how can we apply everything to our times and our current situation? We are believers, sons of believers. Hashem himself promised that we will be redeemed, both back then and now. In Egypt, we had one leader and prophet rise and give hope, guidance, and ultimately redemption. Currently, however, there is no one leader but we are believers, sons of believers. We know Moshiach is coming and this is a perfect time, as many speakers have already pointed out. Each one of us can step up and lead ourselves up to Hashem, crying out to him and doing Teshuvah, repentance. Ezras Cholim is paving the way, doing true kindness to everyone especially the needy in our community. Our mission is to promote peace and caring amongst all people. We can transcend above our limitations and forgive everyone, recognizing from our current situation how silly it is to hold a grudge against a fellow human being. Armed with unity we can then turn to Hashem and pour our hearts out to Him and know that He hears our prayers just as he did at the time of the exodus of Egypt.