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How You Can Help – Gift A Mitzvah  

A lesson taught by our Rabbis is that one who solicits mercy for his fellow while he himself is in need of the same thing, will be answered first. It will entail people doing Mitzvahs, so the sick and needy may benefit from it. They would gift the Mitzvah to them, having a share in it. 

Mitzvahs between man and his friend such as visiting the sick, charity, inviting guests, and so many more, which in themselves draw from loving kindness, is not counted in the two hundred forty-eight (248) Mitzvahs. What do they fall under? They fall under the Mitzvah, “You shall love your friend as yourself”. According to Reb Akiva, this is a great principle in the Torah. In the last paragraph of the Amidah it says, my soul should chase after Mitzvahs. In Psalm 85:11 it says, “Kindness and Truth have met; Righteousness and Peace have kissed. There are two participants, the chaser: Kindness and the one being chased: Truth. The outcome: the charity performed by the participants will bring peace; healing, and comfort to the sick, and needy. 

Through Ezras Cholim you can purchase a Mitzvah Bond which will provide a food package for an individual or family. You may also Gift A Mitzvah to those who are in need of healing and recovery from illness. By linking a good deed with the intentional thought of those in the community who are in need, Gift A Mitzvah helps others through positive actions.  

Look for upcoming information on our website newsletter, or emails on how to become more involved. Visit our website and leave a description that your gifting. 

Excerpts are taken from a writing by Yecheskel Shraga ben Yitzchok. For any questions, feel free to contact