The Arizona Kosher Food Pantry is dedicated to serving all surrounding communities with the ever increasing challenges of “food security regardless of religious orientation. The AKP is dedicated to providing specialty Kosher Items to the Jewish Community in a consolidated “pantry” format. The inherent mission is to help feed those in need of nutritional resources. Promote Health Equity: AKP has set a priority to address health equity and improve health inequalities through community engagement efforts a continuum of approaches designed to facilitate connections between state and national communities, which may be defined by geography, identity, or interests.
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To the founders and volunteers of the Ezras Cholim of Phoenix,

When I was 19, I flew to Phoenix from New York along with my parents to have a serious surgery. We were overwhelmed to say the least, traveling someplace we hadn’t been before, and not knowing what to expect. We had no friends or family to rely on, that is before we met the Ezras Cholim.

Then we had someone helping us every step of the way. No detail was overlooked. Airport rides, kosher food, visitors, and more visitors. We discovered that we did, in fact, have friends in Phoenix, and they held our hand every step of the way.

Every year on the anniversary of my surgery I think back to my time in Phoenix, and have to tell my family again how grateful I am that we had the love and support of the Ezras Cholim. You absolutely transformed what the experience was.

With much love and appreciation,

Tizku l’mitzvos!!

Basya F. (December 2019)

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