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About Ezras Cholim:

Our mission is to help Jewish patients and their family members meet their basic needs, so that they can focus their energy on receiving the best possible medical care.

No one should feel alone when they are sick hospital or rehab center! No one should feel compelled by lack of services to compromise their religious observances as they battle against illness. Neither should their family or care givers. 

Ezras Cholim was envisioned as a program that would organize employees and volunteers to visit and provide aid and comfort to the ill of the community and give hope to those who have no family or are visitors. Health crises should be a time for prayer, faith and community coming together to strengthen each other.

Ezras Cholim is growing and now strives to aid the ill of all faiths. Through its programs like the Arizona Kosher Pantry and Home N’ Ess, the needy and homeless , regardless of faith or race are helped.

History of Ezras Cholim

When you need help 
Ezras Cholim is here!

Ezras Cholim: How it Began

In 2002, our founders Yecheskel Friedman and Elchonon Gross met and became friends and Torah learning partners.

Yecheskel became seriously ill in 2008. Yecheskel felt like he was confined to his “4 walls,” as he called it, while he recovered through the next few years. It was during these dark times for him and those around him, that the idea of Ezras Cholim was born. 


Ezras Cholim Begins

No One Should Feel Alone

Ezras Cholim of Arizona was started in 2015 by a group of dedicated volunteers to serve the needs of people facing illness in the Greater Phoenix Jewish community.


Our First Location

Beth Gavriel Community Center

Ezras Cholim began renting a space at a community synagogue building in Phoenix. This allowed us to expand our opportunities to help the community as we now had a location to organize our efforts.


Tomchei Shabbos

 Shabbat Necessities for the Poor

 Ezras Cholim was asked to operate a Sabbath pantry aiding the sick and needy in their difficult times to enjoy the Sabbath and Jewish Holidays, Tomchei Shabbos of Arizona (“Support of the Sabbath”).


Arizona Kosher Pantry

Expanding on Tomchei Shabbos

Ezras Cholim  launched the Arizona Kosher Food Pantry, giving us the opportunity to aid the needy on a daily basis at our location. The Kosher Food Pantry is a part of a national food-pantry network called Feeding America.


Jewish News Winner

Reader’s Choice

In 2018, Readers of the Jewish News voted Ezras Cholim and the Arizona Kosher Pantry as the Best Non-Profit Organization in the Valley


Arizona Kosher Pantry

More Services Needed More Space

Arizona Kosher Pantry Home

Ezras Cholim, Tomchei Shabbos and the Arizona Kosher Pantry moved to a new location.

We saw it as an opportunity to grow as the location has 2 buildings, effectively doubling the size from our old location.


Arizona Kosher Pantry Day

Mayor Gallego Honors Founder


The Office of Mayor Kate Gallego surprised Yecheskel Friedman with a proclamation declaring his birthday, Dec. 17, 2019, “Arizona Kosher Pantry Day.” Read more


Ezras Cholim Team

Ezras Cholim Board Members

Yecheskel Friedman

Founder and President

Sam Saks

Board President

Moshe Lobel

Dr. Charles Matlin

Dr. Shani Feld (Saks)


Gary Yagudayev

Laura Liebhaber

Volunteer Food Coordinator

Julia Almoslino

Volunteer Food Director

Rabbi Pesach Simon


Ezras Cholim Rabbinical Advisors

Rabbi Ariel Shoshan

Rabbinical Adviser

Rabbi Shmuel Field

Rabbinical Adviser