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Help the Arizona Kosher Pantry Feed Arizona's Hungry

Arizona’s only Kosher Food Pantry – We help all who are in need!

Help Ezras Cholim Provide Needed Services for the Sick

Ezras Cholim –  “Help of the Sick”. We provide Kosher food, 

Help the Tomchei Shabbos Enable All to Observe Shabbos and the Holidays in Dignity

“Supporters of the Sabbath.” We  distribute food weekly so Jews in need might celebrate the Sabbath and Jewish holidays with dignity.

Welcome to the Arizona Kosher Pantry

Helping Arizona’s families through tough times. 

Did You Know?

  • There are thousands of Arizonans being helped by the Arizona Kosher Pantry each month?
  • Currently, we provide over 200,000 pounds of food a year and we are trending up each month?
  • You can claim a tax credit on your income tax by donating to one of our needed programs?

We are Unique: We are Kosher

The Arizona Kosher Pantry is the only Kosher pantry in the Southwest. The Kosher Food Pantry is a part of a national food-pantry network called Feeding America. We distribute food because it is a basic need as well as a Biblical ordinance.
We are open to anyone who needs help.
While we are focused on assisting the needy and vulnerable in the Jewish community, we do not turn away anybody, regardless of religion or affiliation. 

Arizona Kosher Pantry is a project of Ezras Cholim of Arizona.

Our Services

What We Do

The Arizona Kosher Pantry’s mission is to reduce hunger and poverty in Greater Phoenix.
No one should have to worry about food.
We are here to serve every person who finds him or herself in need of sustenance. We serve without regard to age, sex, ethnicity, religion, or geographic boundary.

We Eagerly Support:

• Families with children
• Seniors and the frail elderly
• People with physical or mental disabilities
• Individuals struggling with chronic illness
• People without jobs or without homes
• The working poor
• Anyone who needs our help!

Arizona Kosher Pantry is
a project of Ezras Cholim:



Arizona Kosher Pantry

AKP’s mission is to reduce hunger and poverty in Greater Phoenix. We are here to serve everyone in need of sustenance and to provide kosher food to the needy in the Phoenix Jewish community.

Ezras Cholim of Phoenix

Helping the Sick. Ezras Cholim’s purpose is to help Jewish patients in Arizona and their family members meet their basic needs during a medical crisis.

Tomchei Shabbos

Support of the Sabbath. Tomchei Shabbos provides complimentary weekly food packages for needy Valley Jews in order that they may celebrate and enjoy the Sabbath in a dignified manner.


How To Get Involved and Become a Volunteer

Please contact us by phone or email. You can help us find food and supplies for the needy. Often grocery stores are not aware that they can donate many kinds of food to pantries so that the food gets distributed rapidly to needy individuals and families without it going to waste. Food spoils quickly. A retail grocery store may just discard usable food because they have not made arrangements to get the useable food to hungry, needy people. Contact your favorite grocery store and tell them about our pantry. When you see items being pulled from the shelves, please let them know about needy families and how they can help. Everyone knows about needy people going hungry and having to beg for food or look through refuse containers. We all have seen underfed children and starving elderly.

Even non-food retail vendors may have food related items that they can donate when the pull dates come. For example, candy and beverages are often stocked at home centers, such as at Home Depot, and at auto supply stores such as Autozone and O’Reilly. Office supply stores, such as Office Depot also carry snacks that can be donated. The list of retail stores and restaurants is very large. Let them know that they can help the hungry, too.

You can even volunteer from your own home by phone to raise awareness and save food from being wasted. If you can do fundraising, there are people who want to make donations but do not know whom to contact or where their extra money is needed the most. You can put them in touch with our pantry. We want to help any person in need and to stop hunger in Arizona.

If you feel that you would like to help with food delivery, we might be able to let you help with this as well.

If you would like to help sort or package food, please tell us.

Ask your friends and neighbors who they know that needs food.

You can always help the needy directly if you are able to.

However, if a grocery will only distribute their excess food to another business organization, tell them about our pantry. We would be grateful for their excess food and can get it to the hungry.

We will also accept pet food for pet owners who are having a difficult time feeding their cat or dog.

Call us if you have questions about what can be donated. It is possible that we can accept and direct certain supplies to another pantry even if we do not need it.




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Did You Know?

You, your school, office co-workers, even a whole business or organization can hold a fundraising event to help us in our work?
It’s fun! We can help you set up a web page on our site, make flyers, and even send volunteers to help you make your fundraising a success!

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Arizona Kosher Pantry Events…coming soon

Check for events. Also call us at (602) 492-4989 about donating non-perishable foods to help your fellow Arizonans in need.

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Arizona Kosher Pantry

1,000 Individuals monthly rely on the Kosher Food Pantry's help. Helping Feed Arizona. Giving us the opportunity to aid the needy six days a week at our location. The Kosher Food Pantry is a part of a national food-pantry network called Feeding America. We distribute...

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