The Arizona Kosher Food Pantry is dedicated to serving all surrounding communities with the ever increasing challenges of “food security regardless of religious orientation. The AKP is dedicated to providing specialty Kosher Items to the Jewish Community in a consolidated “pantry” format. The inherent mission is to help feed those in need of nutritional resources. Promote Health Equity: AKP has set a priority to address health equity and improve health inequalities through community engagement efforts a continuum of approaches designed to facilitate connections between state and national communities, which may be defined by geography, identity, or interests.
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Real Stories of Compassion in Action

by Yecheskel Friedman
1) A lady from Israel received a call from a hospital in Phoenix, that her beloved father was in critical condition.  She rushed to be by her father’s side.  Billy, one of our drivers, loaned her his personal car for the duration of her stay.
A volunteer from Ezras Cholim stayed with her for about 10 hours at the hospital. Her father passed away that day. The volunteer from Ezras Cholim worked with the daughter to guard the body at the hospital for a few hours despite the hospital insisting that the body be moved. The daughter went through a difficult time with the stepmother wanting to cremate the body. The talented Robyn Meyerson from Chevra Kadisha (Burial Society) stepped in, and with G-d’s help encouraged the stepmother to change her mind. The following day the Jewish mortuary was given permission, and Ezras Cholim arranged for a dignified proper funeral; a quorum of ten. Ezras Cholim also helped organize a quorum of ten at the cemetery. 
2) A daughter in the southeast US, called asking for visitation for her beloved mother.  A volunteer from Ezras Cholim spoke to the daughter at length and found out that her mother needed an advocate. The Ezras Cholim volunteer visited and took photographs and sent them to the worried daughter. The next day, the daughter had her mother successfully removed from that location and placed in a hospital setting where she was cared for.  Unfortunately, the mother passed away soon after. The daughter told the advocate that she did not want cremation, which was pre-planned. All she wanted, was a nice funeral for her mother.  Ezras Cholim went into action and procured permission from a pro-cremation uncle to change his mind and allow a Jewish burial. It was a miracle. The Ezras Cholim Volunteer helped the daughter plan the funeral over the phone and all went well–Thank G-d.

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