The Arizona Kosher Food Pantry is dedicated to serving all surrounding communities with the ever increasing challenges of “food security regardless of religious orientation. The AKP is dedicated to providing specialty Kosher Items to the Jewish Community in a consolidated “pantry” format. The inherent mission is to help feed those in need of nutritional resources. Promote Health Equity: AKP has set a priority to address health equity and improve health inequalities through community engagement efforts a continuum of approaches designed to facilitate connections between state and national communities, which may be defined by geography, identity, or interests.
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Visiting the Sick (Bikur Cholim)

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Ezra’s Cholim volunteers from our community are available for hospital visitations. Let us take the loneliness out of your hospital stay. We are only a phone call or a click away! Visitation services offered:

  • Daily and or frequent visitation
  • Warm meal delivery
  • Someone to listen to you and to chat with
  • A presence to brighten your day

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