7118 North 7th Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85020

HOTLINE (602)492-4989

Arizona Kosher Pantry

1,000 Individuals monthly rely on the Kosher Food Pantry’s help. Helping Feed Arizona. Giving us the opportunity to aid the needy six days a week at our location. The Kosher Food Pantry is a part of a national food-pantry network called Feeding America. We...

Intro to First Newsletter

The purpose of Ezras Cholim, Tomchei Shabbos, and the Arizona Kosher Pantry is to demonstrate gratitude for the great kindliness bestowed upon us from G-d. We hope our service shows thanks and says thank you. To amplify our work, this newsletter, food drives,...
Ranked in Tikum Olam Top 10

Ranked in Tikum Olam Top 10

Cover story AZ Jewish Life – November/December 2019. “Whether they are called unsung heroes, influencers, or change makers, there are certain people in the community who seem to make a difference in everything in which they become involved….”...